Electrical supplies of renown Serbian and International manufacturers

Electrical suppliesOut of Electrical supplies in our offer, we would like to emphasize following:


We offer all kinds of lamps for interior and exterior installation. Apart from PHILIPS Lighting and Podium by PHILIPS portfolio, we offer lamps of Serbian producers

Sources of light

Incandescent, halogen and energy saving lamps, starters, metal halogen, sodium and LED lamps as well as all lighting fittings needed.

Installation fittings

Switchboards and switchboard fittings, automatic circuits, cables, cable pipes, connectors and switches made by Vimar, Nopal, Schneider, Metalka Majur and Aling

Cables and cable fittings

Electric cables, enameled wires, telecommunication cables, micro cables and conductors, isolation conductors for energy sector.


Contactors, relays, direct engine starters, various switches, dividers and FIDs made by Iskra, Rade Koncar, Schrack and Schneider.